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The Regulatory Data Dashboard, a pioneering initiative by Centre for Energy Regulation provides insights into the regulatory process for tariff determination, particularly in the distribution sector across various states over the years. It will enable the regulators, policymakers and regulated entities to benchmark their cost components with the industry's best practices.

Regulatory Data Dashboard aims to provide a visualised snapshot of techno-commercial aspects associated with the regulated business across generation, transmission and distribution segment across the country. The dashboard includes data associated with ARR and True-up petition, and respective regulatory order thereof. Furthermore, it also provides a comparative framework for evaluating regulatory norms for tariff setting for generation (including Renewable Energy), transmission and distribution.

Data Validation and Visualisation Process

Given the complexity associated with the regulatory data definitions and breakups thereof, it is a challenge to ensure its consistency across years and across states. CER has adopted a four-step process involving data verification and cross-verification through in-house tools developed for the purpose. CER is also making continuous efforts to engage with the respective Electricity Regulatory Commissions for necessary feedback to cross-check the data and improve the overall framework for data dashboard.

The dashboard is currently accessible to Electricity Regulatory Commissions. Secretary of the respective ERC may request access through the following link.

Data Dashboards

Aggregate Revenue Requirement (ARR) /Average Cost of Supply (ACoS) and their components

Data Dashboard currently visualises the revenue required, and its cost components associated with the distribution business across the financial year. These cost components include Power Purchase Cost, Operation and Maintenance Expenses, Depreciation, Interest and Finance Cost, Return on Equity, Non-Tariff Income, etc. The dashboard provides a snapshot of aggregate values as well as per unit values. The latter specifically enables Regulators and Policymakers to compare the performance of distribution utilities over time and benchmark with their peers.

Norms for Tariff determination

Electricity Regulatory Commissions set certain norms and provide a long-term target to the licensee under the Multi-year Tariff (MYT) framework. These include both financial as well as technical aspects of Generation, Transmission and Distribution segments.

Dashboard currently exhibits detailed information on norms for various aspects of tariff setting for generation from Thermal, Hydro and Renewable Energy.

Financial Performance

Data Dashboard is being continuously populated to enhance its scope, and coverage accross years. This dashboard will also provide detailed information on key financial parameters such as Revenue Gap, Billing Efficiency, Collection Efficiency, Average Billing Rate, Subsidy, T&D Loss and AT&C Loss.

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