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      • Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Planning, Coordination and Development of Economic and Efficient Inter-State Transmission System by Central Transmission Utility and other related matters) Regulations, 2018.
      • Revision of “Procedure for Grant of Connectivity to Projects based on Renewable Energy Resources to the Inter-State Transmission System.
      • Draft regulation on “Grant of Connectivity and General Network Access (GNA) to the Inter-State Transmission System and other Related Matters”.
      • Amendment of “Sharing of Inter-State Transmission Charges & Losses Regulations, 2010” for the sixth time.
      • “Revised Methodology for Application of the Escalation Rates for Payment”.
    • CEA
      • “Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply” Amendment Regulation, 2010.
      • "Draft amendments to “Furnishing of Statistics, Returns and Information” Regulations, 2007.
      • “Technical Standards for Communication System in Power Sector”, Regulations, 2018.
      • “Technical Standards for Connectivity below 33 kV” (First amendment) Regulations, 2018.
      • National Level Data Registry System, CEA.
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First Regulatory Research Camp

A five-day workshop called Regulatory Research Camp (RRC) organised by Centre for Energy Regulation (CER), IIT Kanpur at Timber Trail, Prawanoo, Himachal Pradesh on the topic, ‘Regulatory Framework for Long Term Demand Forecasting and Power Procurement Planning’. The workshop had eight participants comprising selected officials from ERCs, utilities and academia. There were focussed deliberations on various facets of long term demand forecasting and power procurement planning wherein the participants shared their experiences of prevailing regulatory practices in their respective states and came up with a set of inputs that need to go into formulating an overarching regulation on the topic.

The participants exchanged their experience in:

1) Current Regulatory framework for Long Term Demand Forecasting

2) Current Regulatory framework for Power Procurement Planning

The workshop also featured an expert talk by Director, Central Electricity Authority, who shared his experience of bringing out the Nineteenth Electric Power Survey report – sources of data, methodology adopted and obstacles faced. The participants also interacted with the officials of Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (HPERC) and Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board (HPSEB) and exchanged their views. There was also an interaction with the Chairman, Jharkhand Electricity Regulatory Commission (JSERC) where he shared his experience on the topic with the participants.

Based on the above, the participants came up with recommendations for a comprehensive regulatory framework for long term demand forecasting and power procurement planning which can be tailor made and adopted by various State Electricity Regulatory Commissions. The outcome of the camp would be shared with the stakeholders for a wider consultation.

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CER is organising its Ist International Capacity Building (ICB) on ‘Learnings from Regulatory Experiences and Market Development in Europe from 14th to 20th October 2018’.


CER releases the quarterly newsletter entitled “Regulatory Insights” which targets to bring insights into key regulatory and policy developments in the power sector, accompanied with an analysis based on CER's Regulatory Database.

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