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      • Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Planning, Coordination and Development of Economic and Efficient Inter-State Transmission System by Central Transmission Utility and other related matters) Regulations, 2018.
      • Revision of “Procedure for Grant of Connectivity to Projects based on Renewable Energy Resources to the Inter-State Transmission System.
      • Draft regulation on “Grant of Connectivity and General Network Access (GNA) to the Inter-State Transmission System and other Related Matters”.
      • Amendment of “Sharing of Inter-State Transmission Charges & Losses Regulations, 2010” for the sixth time.
      • “Revised Methodology for Application of the Escalation Rates for Payment”.
    • CEA
      • “Measures relating to Safety and Electric Supply” Amendment Regulation, 2010.
      • "Draft amendments to “Furnishing of Statistics, Returns and Information” Regulations, 2007.
      • “Technical Standards for Communication System in Power Sector”, Regulations, 2018.
      • “Technical Standards for Connectivity below 33 kV” (First amendment) Regulations, 2018.
      • National Level Data Registry System, CEA.
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About Centre

The Centre for Energy Regulation (CER) addresses the need to supplement regulatory research and knowledge base to understand and analyse key issues in the power sector. The Centre would work in close cooperation with key stakeholders in the Indian power sector particularly the Electricity Regulatory Commissions (ERCs), electric utilities and academia. It also aims to develop a network with institutions in India and abroad.

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To meet the identified objectives, a set of structured activities to be delivered with expert guidance and with the deliverables in sight have been designed. The three main activities to be undertaken in a structured manner are:

Regulatory Research
Regulatory Knowledge Base
Institutional Capacity Building

Indian power sector underwent reformation and restructuring in phases. The reforms ushered at Central and State levels with consolidation of the laws relating to electricity into Electricity Act, 2003. Unbundling, corporatization and privatization of State Electricity Boards (SEBs) followed by formation of independent Electricity Regulatory Commissions (ERCs) brought a certain degree of transparency and accountability in the sector, thereby improving its governance structure. However, emerging needs of the Indian power sector prioritize further developments around key themes of viability, sustainability and modernization. An effective regulatory response to these priority areas necessitates institutional strengthening of the regulatory institutions and utilities. Hence, there is a need for significant skill upgradation, education and research endeavours to understand, analyse critical issues and design solutions specific to the Indian context.

Key Differentiators and Focus+


The Department of Industrial and Management Engineering (IME) at IIT Kanpur has been engaged in teaching, research, capacity building, policy advocacy and consulting activities in various aspects of the power sector reform and regulation. In continuance with these endeavours, the department is setting up a Centre for Energy Regulation (CER), to enhance regulatory research, knowledge building and networking in the Indian power sector. The Centre is supported through a project on “Strengthening Regulatory Research & Network in The Power Sector” partly funded by the Government of United Kingdom under the Power Sector Reform (PSR) program. Strengthening of institutional capacity in the Indian power sector is one of the main objectives of the Centre.

About Partners

The Government of United Kingdom, is supporting Power Sector Reform Program (PSR) in India to encourage reform process till March 2021. The UK Government has pledged to support the Centre, under its PSR initiative, for an initial period of three years by partly funding Centre's activities through a project titled "Strengthening Regulatory Research & Network in The Power Sector" . The project aims to supplement regulatory research and knowledge base to understand and analyse key issues in the power sector, by collaborative activities of key stakeholders in the Indian power sector particularly the Electricity Regulatory Commissions (ERCs), electric utilities and academia.

Upcoming Events

CER is organising its Ist International Capacity Building (ICB) on ‘Learnings from Regulatory Experiences and Market Development in Europe from 14th to 20th October 2018’.


CER releases the quarterly newsletter entitled “Regulatory Insights” which targets to bring insights into key regulatory and policy developments in the power sector, accompanied with an analysis based on CER's Regulatory Database.

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